Connecting Communities

Find out more about the airport's commitment including how it will contribute to the community around it.

London Southend Airport launches ‘Connecting the Community’ commitment

The commitment, which will include a number of milestones across the coming weeks, months and years, will encompass a formal plan for its environmental commitments, a local charity partner, plans for a community forum that will listen to and engage with local concerns.

Updates will be made available within this section of the website under the relevant headings below.

The pillars of the commitment ensure the airport;

• Places environmental responsibility at the core of its operations

• Engages regularly with the community on key issues such as noise

• Consistently delivers community benefits alongside a local charity partner

Environmental Action Plan (EAP)

The airport has evaluated how it can grow sustainably and how that can benefit the community. It has commissioned research that indicates an airport with 3 million passengers for example, can support 3,200 jobs for local people both directly and indirectly and contribute £400 million to the UK economy. But it’s important that the airport delivers that growth responsibly. That’s why London Southend Airport is also setting out an Environmental Action Plan.

Its key priorities for sustainable growth are to:

• Progress toward a carbon neutral airport operation

• Ensure air quality around the airport continues to be within government limits

• Minimise the number of households impacted by noise and phase out all aircraft over 85 decibels

• Ensure efficient water use and manage impact on local watercourses

• Play a leading role in supporting employment, education and community care in the Southend area, developing education and skills initiatives to support local residents into work

To view the Environmental Action Plan please click here.

Community Forum

London Southend Airport is very aware of the impact that aircraft noise has on local people. It has therefore created a Community Forum, which includes representatives from the local community, and is led by an independent chairperson to lead the meetings. The forum will aim to identify actionable solutions and make genuine progress.

The London Southend Airport Community Noise Forum - LSACNF

The LSACNF has been established to create and maintain an impartial pathway for local communities to engage with the airport, and to increase trust, transparency and clarity on noise issues associated with London Southend Airport.

The Section 106 agreement outlines a number of planning conditions agreed when the runway was extended, and since its inception, performance has been measured to ensure all conditions are adhered to. This is a crucial document in relation to noise outlining targets such as the night-time operations quota, of which 71% was utilised in the last reporting period. Whist there has been a reduction in the number of residents submitting noise related complaints, the airport is launching the Community Noise Forum to identify opportunities and solutions as part of its commitment as a responsible neighbour.

The LSACNF has been formed to listen and engage with local residents, seeking resolution. It is not limited to aircraft noise and will provide an open forum to discuss any noise related issues. The independent chair will lead the meetings with a clear agenda to seek improvements, identify positives to remain and discuss any areas of concern.

Terms of Reference

Members list

There are currently three vacant positions for postcode areas, SS1, SS7 and SS8.

To register your interest in joining the Community Noise Forum please email with your name, address and reasons for wanting to be a member. The aim is to ensure representation from all SS0 – SS9 postcodes.

Meeting minutes

LSA CNF meeting held 2 November 2021 DRAFT

It is the responsibility of each LSA CNF member to communicate with residents in their postcode area.

Charity Partner

London Southend Airport has announced its official charity partner, South East and Central Essex Mind (SECE Mind).

• Two-year charity partnership announced as part of Connecting Communities Commitment

• Dedicated focus on community support with a calendar of activities scheduled

• Airport Employee mental health awareness and initiatives

• Charity Fundraising campaigns

Mental Health is at the forefront of the agenda as a result of the challenges and impact of the global pandemic. Lockdowns, furlough and the stress associated with dealing with the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in mental health issues. As an airport that has been badly affected by the pandemic, we know only too well how stressful this past year and a half has been. Our employees therefore chose to partner with Mind, recognising the important role that this charity can play in the community.

As recovery begins, many are still facing mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. Mind is a mental health charity offering information and advice to people with a range of mental health problems whilst lobbying government and local authorities on their behalf. This charity partnership will enable a dedicated focus on community engagement and support across the South East and Central Essex area. The partnership will create campaigns throughout the year with a calendar of events to encourage the community to connect and get involved.

Keeley Hood, SECE Mind Fundraising Officer, “As a local Mind delivering local mental health services, we welcome local responsible businesses to collaborate to bring positive change for our community. London Southend Airport actively supports local causes and we are pleased to announce this partnership”.

Glyn Jones, CEO of London Southend Airport, “We are proud to join forces to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace and our community. Mental health is more important than ever with an increase in cases as a result of the pandemic. We look forward to creating opportunities to raise awareness and support through this partnership.”

Keep an eye on the airport social media pages for updates, from help and advice to special events such as terminal tours, further details will be released in the coming days.

Details of the airports Connecting Communities commitment are available above, advice and information regarding mental health can be found on SECE Mind website here


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