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Standard Instrument Departure Procedures

Following the implementation of Controlled Airspace on 2 April 2015, London Southend Airport (LSA) has started an Airspace Change Proposal (ACP) process to implement Standard Instrument Departure Procedures (SID’s).

Latest News

The consultation closed on 27th May 2016. LSA have collated and analysed the responses and have produced the Consultation Report which is available to download here.

We have submitted an ACP (Airspace Change Proposal) to the CAA and are awaiting their decision.

What are SID's?

SID’s are designated Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) departure routes linking an aerodrome, or a specified runway at an aerodrome, with a specified significant point. This is normally on a designated Air Traffic Service (ATS) route at which the en-route phase of flight commences.

Why is Southend doing this now?

The introduction of SID procedures is necessary to reflect current Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) policy and because of the introduction of controlled airspace in the vicinity of LSA, which provides connectivity to the London Terminal Control Area. LSA’s introduction of SID’s provide connectivity to the route structure within and beyond the London Terminal Control Area. The change from Preferred Departure Routes (PDR’s) to SID procedures brings LSA into line with other airports connected to busy terminal airspace.

Why wasn’t this included with the Airspace Change Proposal for Controlled Airspace?

In the previous consultation for Controlled Airspace we were unable to include comprehensive details of the formal SID’s that would need to be introduced because of the pending major changes to the route structure and airspace management arrangements in the south-eastern part of the London Terminal Control Area (LTMA). These changes were being developed by NATS in a major airspace project known as the London Area Management Programme (LAMP).

At the time of the development of the LSA controlled airspace proposals the NATS-proposed LAMP airspace configuration and arrangements were not sufficiently developed. Whilst NATS and LSA were working closely together on developing the future airspace arrangements in the LTMA for LSA arriving and departing traffic, the timetables for the two projects were not compatible to allow them to be implemented at the same time. Instead, with the agreement of the CAA, it was concluded that, as an interim measure, the existing PDR’s from LSA that had been in place for many years should remain until the LAMP Phase 1a route structure within the LTMA had been finalised and an implementation schedule established.

What happens to the existing S106 Noise Abatement Procedures?

The Noise Abatement Procedures currently in place at London Southend Airport for departing aircraft do not change as a consequence of this proposal and will continued to be applied and reported on in the same way.

I have a view on this - how can I make my opinion heard?

The organisation that determines changes to routes is the UK CAA. The CAA requires each airport seeking to introduce new routes to put forward a case which justifies their application, and shows that all interested parties have had an opportunity to make their views known. The CAA is then required to decide on the merits of the application or otherwise.

LSA launched the formal consultation for the establishment of Standard Instrument Departure Procedures on 26 February 2016. The consultation ran for a period of 13 weeks and closed on the 27 May 2016. As part of the consultation process, the airport contacted a number of consultees including aviation organisations, airlines, airfields, local communities and other interested parties.

Although the consultation is now closed, the Consultation Documents are available to download below.

Executive Summary – An Overview of the Proposal

Part A – Introduction and Background Information Explanation of SIDs

Part B – Overview of the Proposed SID Procedures at LSA

Annex A – Proposed SID from Runway 23 Departures (to the South West) via EVNAS – LAM (West)

Annex B – Proposed SID from Runway 23 Departures (to the South West) via CLN – (East)

Annex C – Proposed SID from Runway 23 Departures (to the South West) via EKNIV – (South)

Annex D – Proposed SID from Runway 05 Departures (to the North East) via EVNAS – LAM (West)

Annex E – Proposed SID from Runway 05 Departures (to the North East) via CLN – (East)

Annex F – Proposed SID from Runway 05 Departures (to the North East) via EMKAD – (South)

Part C – Information about the Consultation Process and how to Respond

Appendices - Glossary of Terms used within all of the documents and List of Consultees

Frequently Asked Questions

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